Breaking the norm by making maintenance affordable

It has become all too normal to spend a thousand dollars on new devices every couple years. TechToucan Repair is committed to fighting this outrageous norm and saving consumers a significant amount of money by making repair and hardware upgrades more affordable.

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how we operate


Contact Us

Discuss the service needed by reaching out to us through call, text or email. 

Contact Info: +1 (203) 418-7477 |


Sign The Agreement

We email an invoice only after the servicing has been done, and you have received the device. We give you 14 days from the day of serviced or device dropped off to pay the invoice. We accept check, any forms of debit or credit cards, Ali-pay and wire transfer.


On Site servicing

If we conclude the servicing can be performed on site, then we tend to do that. Unless it has been discussed otherwise with the client.


Off Site servicing

Services to are time consuming, or something that cannot be done on-site then we pick up the device from your doorsteps, servicing it, and drop it off once done.

Our Pickup/Drop off area include the entire state of NH, MA, and RI.


Servicing Devices Outside of MA, RI & NH.

We will provide you with Overnight UPS or USPS shipping label to ship out your device to our workshop for servicing. Upon completion we will ship out the the device back with 1 Day shipping.

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Reduce hastle, Stick to current devices

Repairing & upgrading your current device is the ideal solution to get the most out of your time and money. Don’t go through the hassle of setting up a new device when we can simply repair or upgrade your current one. Not only does this save you time, but it's 50-75% less costly than replacing your device.

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