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TechToucan Repair, formerly known as TechToucan Solutions, was established on February 23, 2023 with one key goal in mind: to make owning, maintaining, and repairing/servicing devices more affordable. Often times, people are daunted by the challenges of dealing with technology, which in turn leads to hatred towards and frustration with technology. TechToucan Repair will turn that around, because in today’s world, technology plays a vital role in everyday life. Booking doctors appointments, paying utility bills, completing school or office assignments, enjoying entertainment, planning for your next trip, and getting in touch with loved ones all involve the use of technology.


TechToucan Repair,a subsidiary of TechToucan Solutions, has expert technicians to make all your devices operate at their maximal performance

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Meet the Teams

Proyek 539 (1)

Honorius Neogy

Winchester, MA

Merrimack College'22

Proyek 539 (2)

Tessa Dennis

Portsmouth, RI

Providence College'24

Ryan Fraiser

Ryan Frasier

Salem, MA

Salem State University'24

Meagan Dennis

Meagan Dennis

Portsmouth, MA

Providence College'24

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